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Troy "Guy" Pierce

South Dakota

About Troy - Lone Wolf Spices

About Me

​My name is Troy "Guy" Pierce. I'm the "Guy" who absolutely loves nothing more than to make people happy when they eat delicious food, especially with my hand-crafted seasoning blends!


I am a Culinary Arts Graduate in South Dakota so I can say I know my way around a food palate. With my passion for flavor, food, in addition to the positive feedback I received from friends and family, I finally decided to develop my own line of Spice Blends within the confines of my home kitchen. After being asked on numerous occasions “What is your recipe?!” or “Hey, mix me some of that!” I came to realize that my pastime hobby quickly turned into a small business. Lone Wolf Spices was born.

Now, you can find my Spice Blends anywhere, whether it’s in your local stores or with my kiosk propped up at a community event. My passion for these blends is burning hotter every day, so I can guarantee you that there’s no shortage of flavor around these parts, even online - with new flavors crafted regularly! Now hurry up and check out my selection of hand-crafted spice blends, your inner chef and taste buds are waiting. You can thank me later.


~Troy “Guy” Pierce

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