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I'm that "guy" that literally loves to make people happy with flavor and food!

My name is Troy "guy" Pierce, and I developed Lone Wolf Spices in my kitchen after I started sharing some spice mixes I had made, and people loved them! More than once I heard "mix me some" or "what's your recipe", and what was a hobby turned into a new small business. 

I'm starting with three main product lines: my Rubs, Bloody Mary blends, and Popcorn Salt blends. Soon you will be able to order them here online, and find shaker bottles of Lone Wolf Spices in local stores, bars and restaurants. I'm excited to attend some Farmer's Markets and BBQ events soon too. 

Check back often! More updates coming soon! And be sure to like Lone Wolf Spices on Facebook!


Nate L.

BBQ Champion

"Can't wait to add some great testimonials from all of you here!"

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